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Byoung-ick Cho


  • 2008 Ph. D in Physics, The University of Texas at Austin
    2001 B. S. in Physics, Seoul National University


  • 2008~2012 ALS Postdoc Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Research Areas

  • Following research are performed using table-top laser systems and X-ray light sources.

    - Electrical and thermal properties of Warm Dense Matter
    - Ultraintense laser - matter interactions - Free electron laser and Nonlinear X-ray science
    - Developing highpower Near-IR lasers
    - Developing ultrafast X-ray sources and detectors


  • The Universe is a dynamic and energetic place. Our research is concerned with measuring and controlling energetic events in the high energy density (HED, > 1011 J/m3) states on the length and time scale of atomic and molocular motion (nanometers, femtoseconds and shorter) using ultrafast light sources. Our interest spans the area of plasma, condensed matter physics, high intensity laser and X-ray sciences. Common threads are to create HED condition (extreme temperature and pressure) via intense lasers and/or X-rays, probe them using ultrafast optical and X-ray techniques. Not only we focus on understanding fundamental physics about how materials behave under such extreme conditions and how this matter interacts with photons and other particles, but also we try to apply new findings to various fields, such as fusion research, astrophysics, and medical applications. We also develop new technologies related to ultrafast lasers, X-ray sources, and ultrafast detectors.